New release: Google Fonts for your Prestashop!

As was promised - the new release includes also new features - from now on you can set Google Font for your eshop and customize it even more!

- new feature - Google fonts!
- new feature - RTL (right to left) - possibility to align all texts into right (for Arabic, Hebrew and other languages)
- new feature - upload a custom image into the footer
- updated - improved SEO, in the title the name of the eshop is always in the second part
- optimalized - less JS files loaded for responsive design
- fixed - the content of your basket is now displayed correctly in mobile phones if the responsive design is off

About the author:

Hi, I'm Andrej Staš and I'm the creator of, IT freelancer, freeline-skates fan and salsa dancer. If you'd like to connect to me - check out my my portfolio.

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Richard Meldner

Aug 03, 2013 @ 18:27:15 · Reply

Andrej, I will be extending my subscription as I am very happy with the ease of tweaking the theme using your service. I was wondering about two things for future consideration:

1) allow the user to set the max width, instead of using the default 1040.

2) while I realize editing on an Ipad is not 100% ideal, but allowing themes to be edited on at least 10″ tablet is still good enough for minor edits. Maybe allowing the editing of a theme on that size would be helpful for those of us who travel a lot and don’t carry a laptop with us. This way we can work on the basics and then save and download the update later from laptop or PC. Even better would be allowing to email a link to the new download file to send to a colleague who does not have login access to your site.

Thanks again for creating a great product.

peter derks

Sep 17, 2013 @ 10:36:50 · Reply

Andrej, I used Thememaker to add Google fonts to our website (default theme). Font size created looked good in Thememaker. However installed as theme, font size came out way to large, double size as intended.

How can we tune font size to make it fit properly?

    Presta Theme Maker

    Sep 23, 2013 @ 10:27:08 · Reply

    Could you please send me your theme via the contact form? Which font did you use?

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