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What's new in the Maker's version 5.7.0?
(The latest update: October 28th)

Create your own theme!

Everything starts with the name of your theme. After that we will give you a set of tools which will help you to create your own theme for the exact version of Prestashop you need.
You can have your theme today. Don't worry about technical skills, you don't need any, just as you don't need to hire a designer or a programmer.
You control the whole process.

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This is the first editor

Theme Maker started with Prestashop 1.5 in September 2012 and since then it has been regularly updated, now offering also themes for Prestashop 1.6 and getting ready for Prestashop 1.7. More than 3000 customers downloaded over 28 000 themes.

Pick a premade theme

Searching for new ideas? Have a look at our list of almost 70 premade themes. Open any of them in the editor, adjust it to your needs and you are ready to go.

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...or set everything manually

Theme Maker balances between simplicity and a wide variety of options.

If you wish to edit your theme by yourself (not using the Randomizer function), you can change colors of 148 different elements and set 66 other options. For example background pictures (83 different patterns or upload your own), style of layouts, shadows or margins.

Build a theme in a blink of an eye

"Randomizer" function will help you to set all settings and colors in 3 simple steps:
- randomizing colors
- randomizing layout options
- randomizing background images

This is the first project where you can create a new Prestashop theme with just a few clicks.

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Create your own layout - add shadows, rounded corners, change the margins. Set the sidebar for homepage, category page, product page or CMS page. Do you wish the logo to be placed in the middle of the header? That is exactly one click.


After finishing your editing, download your theme and install it on your eshop. As long as you are a Theme Maker member and there's a new version of Prestashop, simply "redownload" your theme and it automatically gets all the upgrades made by Prestashop team. No more hassle with theme upgrades.

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Easy installation

No other modules are neeeded, no other modules are installed. Themes from Theme Maker keep your Prestashop clean and organized. It's really just "installation" and not "installation and configuration". That makes the theme very friendly to all 3rd party modules!

In three simple steps

  • Create


    • Create your theme
    • Be original and creative
    • Do it your way!
  • Preview


    • Check the preview
    • Make another changes if needed
    • Ready? Great!
  • Publish


    • Download your theme
    • Import it into your eshop
    • Make money!

Who is the maker for?

Absolute Beginners

Create. Download. Install. Done.
The Maker lets you build fantastic looking, unique eshop without having to bother with any code or web programming. And your design may be ready in a couple of minutes. (Tested!)

Experienced Developers

All generated themes are based on the default theme which is ideal for further modifications. At the same time you can have a great part of your work done by Theme Maker and finish you custom modifications afterwards.

What will you get?

Responsive Design

All themes (Prestashop 1.6 & 1.5) include responsive design - customers can use their tablets and phones to browse your eshop.


Your Prestashop theme will be compatible with all modern browsers - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE. And of course all kind of devices.


In the editor you can immediately preview your new theme in "tablet" or "mobile phone" view. You can even scan a QR code and see your theme directly on the device you use.

Regular Updates

Theme Maker is running already more than 3 years and got almost 100 updates! (See the changelog) It's a continual progress. As long as you are a member, you can access Theme Maker and redownload your theme with the newest improvements.

Easy & Clean Installation

The process is very easy and even a Prestashop beginner can do it! We have created these two installation videotutorials for Prestashop 1.6.x and also Prestashop 1.5.x. Any trouble? Let us know via Contact form.


Your template is being automatically saved after every change you make. So take a rest and continue later. Even after computer freezes or failure of your internet connection.

Third Party Modules

Any module that works with default Prestashop 1.6 theme will work also with our themes! Theme Maker doesn't overwrite any of the core functions of Prestashop and doesn't edit any native module.


"Randomizer" function is a powerful tool which is ready to suggest you thousands of color combinations which you can immediately preview and use on your eshop.

One word - Unlimited

Combine all possible colors, backgrounds, layouts, fonts, sizes - keep trying until you find "your chosen one".

Google Fonts

Personalize your eshop even more with Google Fonts. Pick you favorite one and Theme Maker will implement it in a blink of an eye.

Reliable Updates

Did a new version of Prestashop 1.6 or 1.5 come out? Just wait a few days, login to your account and re-download your upgraded theme. With us you know your template is always up to date. No hassle with upgrading.

Why should you use this solution?

"Randomizer" - make your theme in a couple of minutes

Save money and time

All versions of Prestashop 1.6 and 1.5 are covered

All your themes will be saved - edit them later

No changes in Prestashop core

More than 3000 customers, 27 000 downloads

Regularly updated more than 3 years

It’s a great tool, a milestone. theme_designer, [source]

The concept of theme maker is awesome. Thats really nice and unique. akkisimi, [source]

You are doing a great job my friend, we couldn’t be more impressed with what you have brought to the prestashop family. milesdevelopment, [source]

This looks great and has a very good potential. Jasen, [source]

Hopefully there are plenty ps users ready to support this product so it can grow. It’s fantastic. jimmyc, [source]

Very nice tool :) Love it bighug, [source]

Looks very impressive! Scotty501, [source]

This is great. Quite innovative. LCSTeam, [source]

Why did I create Theme Maker?

I love to make my life easier. I don't like to read manuals. I like to move forward and see things working.
When I searched for my first Prestashop themes I realized several problems - they were not updated for the newest version, high price, complicated custom settings and the themes were sometimes changed in a way that made it difficult to install other third-party modules.

That's why Presta Theme Maker was created! To save time and money of us, entrepreneurs.

Serving thousands of customers, you can also create your own theme in dozens of minutes. Themes from Theme Maker are based on the default theme, which means quick installation, easy to set, compatibility with all third-party modules. And the update? Just redownload your saved theme from Theme Maker and install it again.

Don't search for the perfect theme. Create it.

Andrej Staš -- Andrej Staš
Creator of Presta Theme Maker. Contact me! :)

Examples of created themes

Make your own Prestashop template!

Save your time and have fun!

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