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What's new in the Maker's version 4.5.0?
(the latest update: January 10th)

Why do we do it?

Setting up Prestashop is quite easy, but third-party themes not. Usually they are quite expensive, the installation includes also other settings, sometimes with incompatibilities with third-party modules and also update is not likely to be done in 5 (not even 15) minutes.

And here's the answer. Themes from Theme Maker are based on the default theme, which means - easy to install, easy to set, works with all third-party modules. And the update? Just redownload your saved theme from Theme Maker and install it again.

Don't search for the perfect theme. Create it.

How does it work?

  • Create


    • Everybody can become an artist
    • Be original and creative
    • Do it your way!
  • Preview


    • Check the preview
    • Make another changes if needed
    • Ready? Great!
  • Publish


    • Download your theme
    • Import it into your eshop
    • Make money!

Who is the maker for?

Absolute Beginners

Create. Download. Install. Done.
The maker lets you build fantastic looking, unique eshop without having to bother with any code or web programming. And your design may be ready in a couple of minutes.

Experienced developers

All generated themes are great responsive boilerplates (nulled) for further modifications. You save many hours of coding and may focus on custom modifications you need to make.

What will you get?

Responsive design

Responsive design All themes (Prestashop 1.6 & 1.5) include responsive design - customers can use their tablets and phones to browse your eshop.

Easy & clean installation

The process is very easy and even a Prestashop beginner can do it! We have created these two installation videotutorials for Prestashop 1.6.x and also Prestashop 1.5.x. Any trouble? Let us know via Contact form.


Your template is being automatically saved after every change. So take a rest and continue later. Even after computer freezes or failure of your internet connection.

One word - unlimited

Combine all possible colors, backgrounds, layouts, fonts, sizes - keep trying until you find "your chosen one". We don't have any limits for downloading as well. You get not just "one theme" - create endless combinations in fact.

Google Fonts

Personalize your eshop even more with Google Fonts. Pick you favorite one and Theme Maker will implement it in a blink of eye.


Your created Prestashop theme will be compatible with all modern browsers - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8, IE9, IE10. And of course all kind of devices.

Third party modules

Any module that works with default Prestashop 1.6 theme will work also with our themes!

Reliable updates

Did a new version of Prestashop 1.6 or 1.5 come out? Just wait a few days, login to your account and re-download your upgraded theme. With us you know your template is always up to date.

Why should you use this solution?

Save money and time

Paint your theme just as you like

Our users have created more than 25 000 themes

The project is regularly updated

All versions of Prestashop 1.6 and 1.5 are covered

All your themes will be saved - edit them later

No changes in Prestashop core

This looks great and has a very good potential. Jasen, [source]

Hopefully there are plenty ps users ready to support this product so it can grow. It’s fantastic. jimmyc, [source]

I was testing your Prestashop Theme Maker last week for several hours and it works very well and easy to use, it should save people loads of time. Simon, [source]

Very nice tool :) Love it bighug, [source]

It’s a great tool, a milestone. theme_designer, [source]

This is awesome. Fine job man! damian5000, [source]

This is great. Quite innovative. LCSTeam, [source]

You are doing a great job my friend, we couldn’t be more impressed with what you have brought to the prestashop family. milesdevelopment, [source]

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